sms messaging Android Phone IoT GSM Modem – Configured Oneplus Nord N200 5G + 1 MetroPcs 5G Simcard + Gateway App – SMS-iT™

Android Phone IoT GSM Modem



Package includes :  A Brand New Oneplus Nord N200 5G Android phone and 1 MetroPcs 5G Simcard, fully configured with the SMS-iT Decentralized Gateway App.

The phone is set up and configured with your SMS-iT Decentralized account and SMS-iT Gateway App, so that you just start using the phone with your SMS-iT account once you receive it, without the requirement of any further configurations.



More Play. Less Pay.

+ 5G-ready

+ 5000mAh battery

+ 6.94″ 90 Hz FHD display

+ Triple camera setup

+ 16 Mp selfie camera

+ Side-mounted fingerprint

+ 4 GB RAM

+ 64 GB storage




You probably know about 5G.

So it’s not necessary to mention the mind-altering speeds of the Snapdragon™ 480 5G mobile platform. Or how it supports multiple frequencies, allowing you to stream higher-quality movies, series, and games in more places.*

But here’s what you might not know — N200 5G is one of the most affordable 5G-ready phones out there. And that’s a fact.


Watch it like you mean it.

Life is too precious to watch movies haphazardly. The big 6.49” screen with full HD brings a new level of clarity, turning every moment into an immersive experience. It’s just like the cinema. Except that you’re at home. Or on a bus.*



OnePlus tripled down on camera.

Three rear cameras and a whole bunch of features such as AI scene detection and Nightscape capture sharp and brilliant images, even in low light.

Prove that it happened. Beautifully.

A 16 MP selfie camera helps you show the world all the cool things you’re doing with striking clarity.*




A real power move.

With a long-lasting 5000mAh battery it’s no longer necessary to keep track of the closest power outlet. From here on out you charge when and where you want to.*


Bring it all. There’s space for it.

Running dozens of apps simultaneously and storing tons of movies and games isn’t necessary — but it sure makes for good times. 4 GB RAM combined with 64 GB storage make sure you don’t miss out.*




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